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ABN: 41139227679 1300 206 968

We are an Australian company that specialises in completing automation engineering, electrical and security works for Industrial Sector.

The combination of our experience, technical skills and knowledge allows us to undertake any type of automation project and deliver solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

At our company we believe in providing innovative, cost-effective engineering services to our clients.

Complete Solutions:
Guest Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi access
BLE beacon for Apps
Visitor Analytics
Savings and environmental benefits :
Converged building systems
Improved efficiency
New User experience
IoT enabled sensors
POE lighting fixtures
Stream local, stream remote:
Cloud Managed
24/7 Recording
Live Feed on request
Encrypted stream
Motion Search

Services we deliver

Custom designed solutions

We offer multiple options to choose from. We bring all the elements together in a product that best suits each individual customer

Installation and Maintenance

We install equipment on site and provide maintenance services to keep your business running smoothly. We focus on preventative maintenance, long-term scheduling, detailed planning - and minimal disruptions

Technical Support Plans

We offer flexible support plans that match your needs and fit your budget. Select the plan which helps you concentrate on what you do best - your business
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The Brands We Trust. Our Partners.


" Changing the way we work, live, play and learn."

Cisco Systems, Inc.

"100% cloud managed IT that simply works."

Meraki Networks, Inc.

Industry-leading Business Partners.


"Blending Technologies for a better living"


"Solutions for energy efficiency, comfort and security"

STEINEL Vertrieb GmbH

We'll give you access to best-of-breed services and resources

Is your current surveillance system secure?

Explore our products, or talk to our sales team.

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Site Monitoring Unit

Portable video surveillance solution designed for small Construction Sites

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